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Hello! Im T.R.

On weekdays, I work in the marketing industry for a company that creates content for clients across America. On weekends I participate in outdoor adventures like short hikes, long bicycle rides and smartphone photography. If you spend a little time exploring this site, you’ll see that I like to share information about those kind of adventures, and a lot of photos, too.

I also have a passion for discovering historic places — especially historic downtowns that have retained their frontier-days appearance — and you will find a large amount of information and streetscape photography featuring those on this site. 

I live, work and spend most of my weekends in northeast Alabama within an hours drive of Huntsville and Chattanooga, and less than a two hours drive from Birmingham and Atlanta. There are many great places in and around those cities, and across northeast Alabama, where you can enjoy hiking, biking, taking outdoor photographs and seeing historic downtowns. I hope you enjoy my articles related to those subjects.

If youre a resident of the southern U.S.A., perhaps my site will inspire your next weekend getaway or outdoor adventure. If youre a visitor to the South, maybe you will consider the site an activities guide to parts of Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee.

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T.R. Eberhart

T.R. Eberhart

T.R. Eberhart

I'm T.R., the owner of I spend most of my weekends enjoying outdoor adventures in the heart of the South. The region surrounding my home is filled with beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes and waterfalls. When I’m not hiking, taking outdoor photographs or bird watching at a state park, I’m probably cycling on a remote country road or taking in the streetscapes at some historic downtown. Always on a mission to capture photos to share on this site, I like few things better than visiting a scenic new trail or a beautiful old town.