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Athens Courthouse Square Commercial Historic District

Listed with National Register of Historic Places in 1997. 65 contributing structures;

highlights include ...

  • First Presbyterian Church, c. 1895; Gothic Revival; was originally known as Cumberland
  • Methodist Church, c. 1836, remodeled so it has it’s 1900 appearance
  • Limestone County Courthouse
  • Railroad Depot, c. 1907
  • Square streetscapes
  • Courthouse, c. 1919; a few updates such as windows in 1970s

Athens State College Historic District

Listed with National Register of Historic Places in 1982. includes eight buildings ranging from about 88- to 180-years old. 

— is It’s

highlights include ...

  • Founder’s Hall, c. 1844
  • McCandess Hall, c. 1914
  • Brown Hall, c. 1912
  • Sloss/Pettus/Cook House, c. 1855

Founder’s has three wings with names of their own.

George Smith Houston House and George S. Houston Historic District

Walking tour; residential district, Market Street to Houston Street


Robert Donnell House, c. 1840; listed in 1973

Robert Beaty Historic District

Old Athens Alabama Main Post Office, c. 1933; listed in 1982

Not downtown:

Blackburn House, c. 1873 five miles from city

Cotton Hill

See gulf station near big spring park

Civil War significant

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T.R. Eberhart

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