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Birmingham metro other historic streetscapes


Just outside the heart

Avondale (Concentration of dining establishments; church)

Southside (Five Points South; Anderson Place Historic District; Highlands) "in 1884-85 constructed Highland Avenue as the grand boulevard winding through the wooded highlands overlooking the city"

Southside: The Avalon, c. 1927;

Three mansions on Highland (Jordan House, Donnelly House);

30th Street S., Rhodes Circle, Hanover Circle near Highlands Ave; just east of St. Vincent's

2154 Highland Ave - Bradshaw (east of Five Points S)

South Highlands Presbyterian Church and Temple Emanu El at corner of Highlands and Richard Arrington Blvd (just east of Five Points S)

Bottega Favorita (1926) 2240 Highlands Ave

Highlands Untied Methodist (at Five Points S)

St. Mary's on the Highlands Episcopal Church (at Five Points S, corner or 12th Ave and 19th St)

Chestnut Hill Historic District, mostly 1920s houses (Southside where Clairmont and Highland Avenue meet; park at Clairmont Piggly Wiggly)

County Club HD - big old houses and apartments adjacent to Chestnut Hill HD

more southside registered HDs and ind


Mountain Brook Village (Mountain Brook Estates Building, c 1929)

Crestline Village

Woodlawn; Woodlawn High School; old Woodlawn city hall (funeral home now)


Bessemer; Southern Railway Terminal Station, c. 1916 is Bessemer Hall of History; downtown good streetscapes; Cornice Works;

the plain c. late 1830s Owen Plantation House is south of Bessemer on East Valley Road (1.5 miles north of McAdory HS)


Concentration of dining establishments on 29th St S. (just north of St. Vincent's)

Rickwood Field; Arlington

Second Presbyterian Church (UAB)

St. Andrews Episcopal Church (near UAB)

Quinlan Castle (near UAB and other big hospitals)

Agee House (Rucker Place) c. 1900 shingle house ; near UAB (1804 12th Ave S)

Red Mountain Suburbs Historic District

T.R. Eberhart

T.R. Eberhart

I spend most of my weekends enjoying outdoor adventures in the heart of the South in a region filled with beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes and waterfalls. Whether I’m hiking in a state park or nature preserve, cycling on a remote country road or taking in the streetscapes at some historic downtown, I’m always on a mission to capture photos to share on this site, and provide helpful information about some of the places I enjoy visiting.