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courthouse square ... NO

Cartersville Downtown Historic District listed in 2014

Bartow County Courthouse, c. 1902; ; listed in 1980

North Erwin Street Historic District, listed with the National Register of Historic Places in 1994; includes former post office (c. 1915) and former city hall (c. 1916), First Baptist Church (c. 1905)

North Wall Street Historic District, listed in 1998; 1905-1930s buildings; surrounding Grand Theatre

Benham Place, c. 1867, listed in 1998; brick house, not mansion

Etowah Mounds

Goodyear Mill HD

First Presbyterian Church, listed in 1991

Old Bartow County Courthouse, c. 1896, listed in 1980

Grand Theatre, c. 1924, listed in 1984

Sam Jones Memorial Methodist Church, c. 1907; listed in 1985

Roselawn (Sam Jones House), c. 1840s cottage that grew into a "rambling Victorian" by the mid 1890s. May be the most likely to be haunted house in the city. Jones has been called the Billy Graham of his era. Now a museum. Sidewalk tour should be this area.

Valley View, listed with the National Register of Historic Places in 1974 (Valley View Plantation on Google) Euharlee Road

Euharlee: covered bridge, grist mill ruins


T.R. Eberhart

T.R. Eberhart

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