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Downtown Madison village

Bibb House, c. 1867

Madison Station Historic District

Roundhouse, gazebo

"The town of Madison was developed around the Memphis and Charleston Railroad, which came to the area in 1856. In 1858, town lots were laid out fronting the railroad and the town grew outward from that point. The first depot in Madison Station was built
in 1858 and consisted of a single wooden freight house. The depot would be destroyed and rebuilt three more times in its history before closing in 1961. The final depot, a combination passenger and freight station, was constructed in 1901 and consisted of
a loading platform and frame building with tin roof. The concrete platform of the depot remains on the south side of the railroad tracks just off Main Street."
Big houses on Front St
The majority of residential structures within Madison Station can be found on Church Street
Madison United Methodist Church
T.R. Eberhart

T.R. Eberhart

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