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Galleries: Little River Canyon

Now featuring over 40 photos of Little River Canyon near Fort Payne, Alabama

I get a few snapshots on every hike at the canyon, so I have accumulated a large number of photos through the years. On this post, I will be sharing more and more of my favorite shots as my collection grows larger. 

The fall colors in northeast Alabama typically peak around the last week of October through about the second week of November. The number of visitors at Little River Canyon increases a good bit during this time, and for good reason. Hues of red, orange and yellow provided by the variety of hardwood trees, the water, and the canyon slopes and rock cliffs all add up to some great scenery.

I cant resist hiking along the canyon’s creekbeds and riverbed during that short window of time, so I certainly have more photos of the canyon in autumn than any other season. Check out the fall scenes in the first gallery.

Little River Canyon fall gallery

Creek and riverbed hiking gallery

Scenic overlook views

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