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Georgia tee shirts, backpacks and many more print-on-demand products

The growing number of Georgia-themed products on the Southern Outings shop makes it possible to find never-before-seen gifts.

The possible choices are broad thanks to the print-on-demand site. If you’re looking for some unique gifts, or maybe something for yourself to wear in the cooler weather, check out these samples featuring my new designs such as the Heart Georgia graphics shown below

NOTE: I make a small royalty when someone purchases one of the product featuring my artwork.

 Heart Georgia backpacks

Teenagers, college students and casual hikers are sure to love these dark gray backpacks featuring the Heart Georgia in either green camo, red or pink. 

Interested? CLICK HERE to view all the products that feature the pink version.

With print-on-demand, those backpacks do not exist. But, one with the graphic will be produced if someone orders it. When an order is placed, will arrange for it to be printed and shipped. They would also handle any customer service issues such as returns.

I was surprised when I learned that my graphics could be offered on over 90 different items in a wide number of categories on the one site. Mugs, bed coverings, phone cases, wall art, mini skirts — the list goes on and on.

Heart Georgia tops

Even though so many products are available, I still think mostly about tops such as t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts when I think of print-on-demand. In fact, of the 90-plus items, 32 of them are tops.

Some of the more unique garments on Redbubble are for babies, toddlers and bigger kids. The Georgia heart graphics can be printed on toddler hoodies, kids hoodies and t-shirts, and one-piece baby tops:

CLICK HERE to open the Pink Heart Georgia baby one-piece page in a new window.

Heart Georgia stickers

Stickers may be the top selling products due to their low price and versatility. CLICK HERE to view a sticker with a tan camo Heart Georgia graphic.

Magnets are also available, along with postcards, greeting cards, coasters and spiral notebooks.

Other Georgia-themed designs

What do you think about this simple green Georgia graphic?

Other than the throw, laptop sleeve, baseball shirt and magnet shown, it’s available on almost every product that Redbubble offers. CLICK HERE to view it on all 96 products.

This outdoorsy design that’s based on my logo is one of my favorite Georgia graphics:

To preview the design on all products, CLICK HERE.

I have uploaded a few other Georgia designs for t-shirts, hoodies, pillow covers, etc. I have also got similar designs to those shown for Alabama, Mississippi, and now, a few for Louisiana.

I plan to upload new graphics as often as possible. CLICK HERE to see the Southern Outings Redbubble homepage.